Enable and Leveraging Digital Strategy

Agile Architecture Enablement is one of the key services CXPORTAL provide to our clients. We begin with discovery phase to evaluate the current architectural landscape, in strategic, business and centred design thinking, creative design, business and technology capabilities, new opportunities, services driving the future, agile and adoptive ways through innovation offerings to rapidly enable what is at scale for exponential impact and to evolve continuously over time.

Architecting and Unifying one Architecture

During Architecting the transformation, our experience Architects explore broadly and take advantages of digital opportunities and evaluate multiple perspective such as; Architecture Technology Strategy, Solution Architecture Delivery and Re-usable technology Assets and Artefacts. We ask key questions such as; “What do we need to build”? “What needs to be built and when”? “How should services be built”? “How do we control cost”? Current state, gaps and future state, centred design thinking and creative design

Implementing the Architecture Solutions

CXPORTAL Leveraging open model to build the solution, Minimal Viable Architecture, Minimal Viable Products, using Devops approach, Solution Architecture Delivery and Re-usable technology Assets and Artefacts, automating, Speed, compliance, Agility, Security, Data insights and Cloud offering to address stakeholders’ concerns,

Optimising the Architecture

Our CXPORTAL approach includes; DevSecOps, agile operations, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment pipeline techniques, built on stability, innovation, delivering to customers consistently and allowing the architecture to evolve continuously over time to maximise ROI and total cost of ownership (TCO) is.


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