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1. Introduction

Welcome to CXPORTAL Data and Privacy Centre

The scope of creating the CXPORTAL Ltd Data and Privacy Centre, is to help you understand how we collect, use and retain your personal data and how you can manage your privacy preferences (opt in and opt out) receiving any of these communications from us, managing your subscription or other preferences, please submit a request at , including you wish to Unsubscribe in the subject line.

At CXPORTAL Ltd, our major priority is to ensure your data and privacy are fully compliant, we value the privacy of our customers and partners, we make use of variety of recognisable individuals’ data, third parties who have access in our in-house systems and websites, these includes;

  • Subscribers
  • Website users
  • Prospective Customers
  • Customers
  • Current Employees
  • Previous Employees
  • Prospective employees
  • Stakeholders
  • Suppliers
  • Other third Parties

2. Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy

At CXPORTAL Ltd, the following policies and procedures are relevant to this document:

In collecting and using these data, CXPORTAL Ltd is subject to a variety of Data Protection and legal requirements controlling how such activities may be carried out to protect our customers and partners data and privacy securely protected.

The main objective why this policy is created, is put in place the relevant legislation and to designate the procedures CXPORTAL Ltd is taking to make sure we comply with it. If you do not agree to the Terms of use and this Privacy Policy, you must terminate using the CXPORTAL Ltd websites and all services and features within.

3. Subscription Services

Our subscription services permit any individual and company that uses the CXPORTAL website to receive and download any information and contents about CXPORTAL and provide their personal contact information such as;

  • Names, Company, Contact telephone number and Email Address

This personal information we collect from CXPORTAL website visitors are stored and manage securely in our secured database and native cloud solution, we use these personal details to contact visitors and companies about their preferences and interest in our products and services when required.

4. Collection of Personal Information

   (a)Web Users, Prospective Customers and Customers

Personal contact Information: These includes information that are submitted on certain pages on CXPORTAL website that need registration and download of any electronic contents and services on our website such as subscribe to newsletters, the information we collect includes;

  • Names, Company, Contact telephone number, Home Address and Email Address

   (b)Current Employees, Previous Employees and Prospective employees

Personal contact Information: These includes information we collect from the Career pages located on CXPORTAL website that we hold on our system from, current Employees, Previous Employees and Prospective employees, this includes;

  • Names, Previous Company’s, Contact telephone number, Home Address, Email Address, Curriculum Vitae and personal data

   (c) Current Stakeholders, Suppliers and Other third Parties

Personal contact Information: These includes information that are submitted on CXPORTAL website and personal data we hold on our systems for current Stakeholders, Suppliers and Other third Parties, this includes;

  • Names, Home Address, Company Names, Contact telephone number, Job Title, Email Address, Company confidential information.

   (d) Publications

Personal contact Information: These includes subscription information from the CXPORTAL website that need registration and download of any publications, these includes;

  • Names, Business Home Address, Company Names, contact telephone number, Professional Information, Email Address, or subscribes to receive newsletters.

   (e) Other Communication Methods with CXPortal

Personal contact Information: If you prefer to communicate with CXPORTAL via postal mail or through the phone, we may record, hold and store the information you provided, this information may be used for training purposes and to improve our services.

  • Names, Home Address, Company Names, Contact telephone number, Business telephone numbers and Email Address

   (f) Seminars, Conferences and 3rd Party Events

From time to time CXPORTAL will host events, such as webinars, attend remote-Live conferences and third-party events, Training-Knowledge Sharing and Workshops, if you register for any CXPORTAL events such as Seminars, Conferences and 3rd Party Events, we will collect and access your personal data to provide you with a quality services that meets your objectives of the events.

  • Names, Home Address, Business Address, Contact telephone number, Email Address, Personal information.

5. Information You Post on the Websites and Social Media platforms

CXPORTAL Ltd may collect any personal information you post on CXPORTAL website or Social Media platforms such as, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. If you decide to participate in our platforms and professional networking contribution, bear in mind that your personal information (for example, your name and online user name), along with any utilitarian information you reveal on the network in the communication you decide to post, will be publicly make available, accessible and viewable by others who visit that area of the CXPORTAL website or social media network.

We may highlight certain users’ postings or contributions to other members of the CXPORTAL Ltd professional networking features, for example social media platform and CXPORTAL third Party platform. If you are CXPORTAL website registered or contributor on CXPORTAL Social Media platforms such as, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube or our third party network providers, postings you make in connection with those features will be associated with the personal information in your public member profile (which includes your name, user name, and other optional information you may choose to include).

These includes CXPORTAL users who actively get involve in our social networking platform events, for example contributing materials and engaging in certain CXPORTAL Ltd online activities, will be listed as “active members” in a register that is accessible by all other registered users of CXPORTAL network.
It is possible that your posting may result in unsolicited messages from third parties. We strongly recommend that you do not post any information on the public areas of the websites and Social media that allows strangers to recognise or discover you or that you otherwise do not want to share with the public.

6. Security of Your Personal Information.

CXPortal Ltd utilised high standard physical, technical, administrative and security measures to protect our customers and partners personal information you provide through the CXPORTAL Ltd websites, social media platform or in connection with CXPortal services and products. CXPORTAL want to make you aware that, no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% securely protected. As a result, CXPORTAL can’t guarantee or warrant the security of any information you provided through our websites and you do so at your own risk.

7. Retention - Data Storage of your personal Information

Your personal data are stored by CXPORTAL Ltd on our database and Native Cloud Systems, CXPORTAL retains its customers and partners data for the duration of the customer’s business relationship with CXPORTAL and otherwise as required under appropriate law.

Your personal data will be kept as follows;

  • No longer than is necessary for the purposes for which your personal data are processed and stored
  • CXPORTAL Ltd will store and retain your personal data as long as you are CXPORTAL client who receive our products and services
  • If you are located in the European Economic Area, at the moment you cancel your business relationship, your personal information and all personal data received and stored are deleted if no longer needed by us, unless we are required to retain this personal data by law or to comply with our regulatory obligations. In such a case, we will only keep this personal data for as long as necessary.

For whatever reason, should you wish to unsubscribe from communications, please email, including you wish to Unsubscribe in the subject line of the communication chain.

8. Children Personal Information

For parent of a child under 13, if you believe that CXPORTAL collected information of a child under the age of 13 from our website, note, CXPORTAL Ltd is a business entity and its activities and websites are not directed to children under the age of 13, please contact us at . CXPORTAL does not knowingly collect personally identifiable data from persons under the age of 13.

9. Changes to this Privacy Policy

CXPORTAL Ltd will be updating this Privacy Policy from time to time by creating and position a new version of this Privacy Policy online. Please ensure you review this page from time to time to review any changes on our website. If CXPORTAL Ltd make any content changes, we will inform you by posting the revised Privacy Policy on our Website.

If you wish to opt-out of receiving any of these communications from us, managing your subscription or other preferences, please submit a request at

10. Cookie Policy

CXPORTAL Ltd use cookies in our website to differentiate various users who actually visit the CXPORTAL website, also, to allow us improve users experience and to measure the performance of our website.

We use various types of cookies on our website, these includes;

   (a)Performance Cookies

Performance cookies permit us to recognise and identify the numbers of users on our the CXPORTAL Ltd website and their behaviour, it improves the operational capability of the website and gives users a much better users experience when using the CXPORTAL Ltd website.

   (b)Functionality Cookies

These cookies are used for personalising our content for you and remember your preferences (for example, your choice of language or region). These are used to identify you when you return to CXPORTAL website.

   (c)Targeting cookies

They assist CXPORTAL to comprehend the operational performance of CXPORTAL marketing awareness actions and improve the importance of the advertisements that you see. These Cookies will gather information about your browsing habits for example your (IP) and allow CXPORTAL to show you adverts while you are browsing our site and other sites on the internet.

   (d)Third Party Tracking Technologies

We use these cookies to help us maintain the correctness of the information we collect, to make our communications so that we can inform you of products, these cookies assist us automatically update information that have been acquired previously from a different source.

   (e)Necessary cookies

These are cookies that safeguard users when using the CXPORTAL website, these cookies provide security and authenticity of the site. They allow you to return to pages you have visited in the past. they also improve website navigation.

11. Website Notice

On your first visit to CXPORTAL websites, user’s will be greeted with a warning message “this website uses cookies” to ensure your get the best experience on the CXPORTAL Ltd websites, user’s will have the ability to “ACCEPT” or “Decline” privacy Policy

[For more information about cookies visit aboutcookies website, note CXPORTAL Ltd isn’t responsible for contents on third party websites]

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